Louis Cardini


Haversack a supple big bag to travel with it is strong and fully leather lined.

Back zipped compartment safely against you with your valuables at hand when needed.

One zip compartment on the front inside panel

One pocket compartment for your documents or others.

Zipped top entrance falling as a flap when used with the top zip open leaving extra room for your comfort and freedom of movements. 

The handle has a suede backing so as to grip properly on your shoulder.

6 X bottom studs reinforced on  elevated strips to protect your valuables.

 1 X Genuine Ostrich Bi colours ostrich leather Tabasco/Black fully leather lined including all zipped compartments. A$ 4200.00 reduced to A$2200, one left only.

 2 X Tan Napa Leather, fully leather lined left in stock A$350.00.

In Australia and elsewhere, the word haversack is synonymous with rucksack or other similar terms and is used to describe any backpack.

The Haversack was originally made to carry the Havercake in Germany as oats (hafer) was the staple food for the poor.

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