No 069 SR (revolutionary design in thoughts just for You The Down Under Wallet)

Louis Cardini



 This revolutionary Down Under man's new thin wallet construction is a first off and a new concepts thinking out of the box. It is narrower 8 cm and you would take it with you everywhere always...

3 credit cards either side reversed so as to interlock either side in one thickness it will fit easily 6 or 12 credit cards without increasing much the thickness. What an innovation created for you, be the first to experience this extraordinaire difference,

The No 096 SR has 2 more credit cards than the more conventional No 130 MC which is a lot thicker with less cards? Check the Pictures.

A very flexible and flat. Design To Fit US$ or A$.
If you have wider notes currencies, Order the No 096 SR. Down Under Wallet

Made specifically to be discreet so as not to show your cash or cards

Strong spring steel money clip for your cash currency made to shape when seating on your wallet and releasing the spring to its former shape when standing.

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