NIKITA ( A bigger Camille) Overnight or Your Sport bag to match up your Camille bag?

Louis Cardini



                                                                                                                                  NIKITA, a Ladies' full leather Overnight or Gym Bag (leather self lined) Can be packed flat as a pancake on your shelf or in your draw ready to use or in your carryon flat and ready for use when going on a shopping spree.

A classic shape, which has been produced for centuries called then (Panier) and still a part of our livelihood today.

Such a roomy bag which you can carry on your forearm, in your hand or on your shoulder with a cross body length adjustable and removable. 

This bag is self lined with the reverse part of the outside leather but has 2 floating leather pocket one holding a phone and one your sunnies. The bottom gusset has  for protection reinforcement 5 bottom leather feet Protection.

The handles are closer together to protect when over your shoulder the full zip and the flap over all to keep your bag safe. A turn lock off a solid brass finish will close the bag flap securely when your zip is not done closed properly.


      SPECIAL  OFFER  ON CAMILLE BAG                                              



For Mother’s Day only two sets only: SOONNNNNNNN only one set of each colour: CAMILLE Black Napa/Saddletan Classic trims or CAMILLE Forest Green Classic/ Saddletan Classic trims

$690.00 with a matching purse Ondine $350.00 = $1040.00 but for today one set only available you will pay $850.00 please call 0418463376 and they will be yours


It come now in a smaller size:
Camille: W 36cm X H 31cm X D 13cm at $690.00



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