TRENDY - très BCBG (Bon Chic Bon Genre) very Preppy Trotter bag but much bigger with a top safe laced closure too a big open quick access- Can be a good bag for your next travel or working & shopping to carry on your shoulder daily.

Louis Cardini


 TRENDY Bigger than TROTTER . Leather tote bag, top laced closure with 3 Inside compartments, one divided into two large pouch's one for you phone the other for your sunny and charger. The other inside back compartment not divided but a fully accessible pouch with a top studs closure. 

5 bottom studs protection.

Contrast Stitch or Self-Stitching

Self colour or contrasted trims

Solid brass eyelets at top to facilitate the closing or opening by pulling the laces ends. 

Top line opening is secured.

The shoulder strap is in one full cut and can be adjusted to your liking with 2 buckles either side of the gussets. The strap is on both side punched and secured with solid brass eyelets to balance and match the look of the top closure eyelets

Fully goat leather lined.


  • 27cm Width
  • 28cm Height
  • 16cm Gusset 
  • ORDERS not in stock are TAKEN (but at Full Price) fully paid then so as to be made individually within 2 weeks.
    (in existing self colour or 2 colours of yo
    ur choice Self stitching on colours or contrasting stitching on the main colour)      
  • More colours to be made                                                  

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