Camille M (MEDIUM) Day Shopper as Omega and Midori

Louis Cardini



                                                                                                                                  Leather Ladies Tote Bag Leather lined: 

A classic, which has been produced for years and still a part of our lively wood.

Such a roomy bag which you can carry on your forearm, in your hands or on your shoulder. 

This bag is self lined with the reverse part of the outside leather but has a floating leather pocket holding a phone and a pen pocket.The bottom gusset has a reinforcement base made by 5 five bottom leather foot supports.

The handles are closer together with Full zip and a flap over for your safety with a turn lock off a solid brass finish who will all together close the bag securely.



For Mother’s Day only one set only:

CAMILLE Black Napa/Saddletan Classic trims or CAMILLE Forest Green Classic/Saddletan Classic trims $690.00 with a matching purse Ondine $350.00         = $1040.00 but for today one set only available you will pay $850.00 please call 0418463376 and they will be yours


It come now in 1 size:
Camille: W 36cm X H 31cm X D 13cm at $690.00

NEXT, The bigger Camille for you to match an Overnight called: NIKITA (A sample in the making)
NIKITA size:  W 54cm X H 30cm X D 22cm at $850.00 

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