IRVANA (Carry on your next flight) A Classic look in luggage

Louis Cardini


Cabin Luggage that is made from premium calf leather and is fully leather lined.

The bag has a centre zip that opens right up. Both side corners have a gusset so when you open it, the gussets protects the contents of the bag.

The front and back panels are flexible so you can turn them inside out and fill your bag with great ease.

The front outside panel has a zipped deep compartment for any valuable documents.

The back outside panel has the same deep pocket but without a zip, you can use it to carry your mobile or have easy access to your daily newspaper.

All the fittings are in solid brass.

This (*baise en ville) bag would not look out of place when you are travelling and visiting the most exclusive places in the world. Could picture myself with my faithful Irvana in my arm waiting for the Orient Express to take us further on to a next adventure...


 * Baise en ville:  When you go to a good leather bags store any where in France and ask them for a (baise en ville) they will take you to the small luggage section which textually translated is: (a shagging bag) for your weekends down town or the country.

Excuse my french, but a true appellation,


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