DANTE- (An Ostrich Bag Classic, Small and Organised But Still Elegant)

Louis Cardini

$1,840 $2,300

A Classic handmade Ostrich leather cross body-bag with a beautiful concept finish. My Last One... Not A$2300.00 but A$1840.00 and as you set it in the cart you get another 10% of... Now only A$1656.00 my last one.

a back vertical zip pocket. Fully Ostrich leather lined.

3 Gussets compartments, the larger one in the middle with an extra zipped pocket to separate the 3 inside pouches

Two solids  brass shoulder strap holder fittings with a strong gold plating to keep the bag in a good position at all time.

Adjustable shoulder strap

Smart narrow front turn lock to match the elegant line of this classic look. 

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