GLASS CASE No 2 or Mobile Phone Pouch

Louis Cardini


Get an all leather sun glass holder for your next trip. It is very handy and safe way to carry your Sun Glass and travel need around your neck. Fully leather lined

Strong Leather American Indian lacing

Front zip Pocket leather lined 13cm X 6.5cm for you credit cards, ID, cash or shami to clean your glass

One top entrance to slide your Sun Glass or your mobile.

At the back one sleeted pocket fully leather lined for, your 5 dollars reading glass, your pen or  your comb.

Great for walking around or for your weekends, a great travel companion. You will never again loose your favorite Sunnies, your mobile or pen.

Come into 2 sizes

Glass case No 3 with a top entrance 10cm wide or a smaller one  which is Glass case No 2 with a top entrance 8cm.






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