MIKA 3 CC (No Side Reversed Panel) Extra Thin Money Clip Wallet.

Louis Cardini


Yes for 6 to 9 credit cards we are the thinnest wallet in the world before The Mika 5 SR One Side reversed (16 credit cards)

In Down Under, an achievement created in year 2000, An Olympic best in designing

On the left panel we have on the corner a flap to slide your money bills in after securing them in the "soft touch" money clip from Yokoya Japan and as well to secure your card's car parking ticket.

On the right panel we have 3 credit cards slots pockets tailored for 3 to 9 credit cards.

 Love that wallet, with 6 credit cards, money and parking card 13.5 mm thick . When you think that 6 cards stacked up together are 6.5 mm thick.

 Louis Cardini

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