GLASS CASE No 6 L PH. Standard sizes glasses. (Pen Holder Inserted in the side gusset)

Louis Cardini


Glass Case No 6 L PH.  For your standard glasses, get an all leather glass holder for your next every day trips. It is very handy and safe way to carry your reading or Sunny Glass and travel. Fully leather lined

PH = Strong loop in the side gusset to insert your favorite pen which will protect your glass if someone seat on it!

One top entrance to slide your Reading or Sun Glass

Great for walking around or for your weekends, a great travel companion. You will never again loose your favorite Sunny or pen.

Come into 2 other sizes:

 Glass case No 7 SML PH.  with a top entrance of 5 cm opening for smaller reading glasses 

Glass Case No 8 XL PH.   with a top entrance of 8.5 cm opening for bigger frame glasses




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