MORGANE (For the well travelled Hairstylist)

Louis Cardini


This leather case is for an organised Hairstylists, protective of his trades’instruments and his client's home furniture's.




I Re-designed and made this leather Palette for a person creating the best hair styles with a minimum of room to pack for years of usages to come.

Made with premium calf and cow leather and fully leather lined with cow Reminy and goat which are ideal for protecting your hard working expensive trade steel instruments  and combs, ready to be used at a call’s to actions notice.

This purse is also great to be used when you are walking wearing it as a cross body bag, secured with a strap over to keep it safely closed under a loop. You can simply used it as a clutch.

As you are opening the purse (as French Doors), on The Left you will have your mobile phone (14G) securely closed and interlocking on the right with the business and cards compartment.

As you'r opening the inside fully, it has 4 rolled up compartments opening as an surgeon instruments palette.
The front and opposite sides ends panels have 2 combs compartments with 2 other inside panel with 4 scissors each of them in their individual hostler with 4 full flaps covers protection covering them. Thanks to Morgane, a professional piece for work ready for a cut above.

Louis Cardini




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