No 126MC- or No 126MC SR Money Clip ( The Z shaped wallet)

Louis Cardini


 The man's  Z wallet that you would take out to have a good time shopping, working and very flexible and flat to seat on... Specially if you order No 126MC SR (with one side reversed making the wallet over 1 cm thinner)

Under the spring clip you will fit all major currencies

To Fit all major currencies

Designed in a Z shape to be discreet so as not to show your cash or cards

Back Zip compartment on back panel with a flap protection for the slider not to damage your pocket's lining.

6 credit cards either side with a possible 12 credit cards.Specially made thinner if you order the SR (side reversed version)

Another compartments under each credit cards panel for your business cards or receipts

strong spring steel money clip.

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