NO 706 ID SR (side reversed portefeuille 3 folds)

Louis Cardini


Genuine 3 Folds wallet (portefeuille) made in Genuine Classic calf leather, Tanned in New Zealand and Australia. Fully leather lined. Hand Made and finished in Australia by myself. Fully leather lined.

Open the outside front panel and will have the first top flap with 5 credit cards sleeted individual compartments for thinness with at the back of it a large window for your IDs or your favourite pictures. Under that first top flap you have a new panel with an extra 5 credit cards sleeted individual compartments again for keeping the wallet thin and under that panel a compartment for your receipts or your business's cards.

On the outside back panel you will have another 5 credit cards sleeted individual side reversed compartments for thinness and keeping the total wallet flat by interlocking the 3 panels together.

At the top you will open to a wide currencies bills pocket fully leather lined keeping your currencies secured without showing them when closed.

This wallet,  as well will be able to fit safely in your back pocket without being shown outside your top pocket.


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