No 930 SO- CC ID SR (one side reversed)

Louis Cardini


 For the first time ever, Louis has created (in leather goods) the both sides reversed credit cards panels for interlocking the credit cards.  Fits 12 CC and stays 1.5cm thinner when full VS the standard design 

I love that purse. I designed it with something better to offer, during one of my trips interstate for a Rendez-Vous...

The security of a Lady's purse starts with the external closure, and if you can insert your hands either side of the article and meet them at the middle without popping open the purse, it is a good start towards your buying decision.

At the back outside panel you have a zipped compartment where you can collect your coins or slide your phone.

2 small cute straps flap over close the purse.

When you open the purse on the left panel you have a hinged 4 credit cards panel with under it, a pocket for a movie or travel ticket.

Under that left panel flap you have another 4 credit cards and under those cards, another compartment

On the right panel you have 4 credit cards and under those cards, another compartment.

At the back of the open purse, you will have a generous notes compartment and at the back of it another zipped notes or receipts compartment.

A well thought out purse.


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