PRUE - (NEW TONKIN WITH XL SPACE ) A Vintage Still, But Made For Your todays' Need.

Louis Cardini


Our Favourite Tonkin Bag but found some Ladies needing extra room so, I loved the challenge and recreated IT AND CALLED IT : PRUE  for you Madame and for your today's needs.

Could be still used now as a handbag for your special night out.

A new Full volume designed for extra capacity in the inside without changing the balanced design and outside appearances.

An inside back (scalloped edge) flap over a generous pocket for your cash, credit cards... or your reading glasses.

An Inside hidden triangular pocket for your keys or a USB

One large mobile phone and a pen pocket.

One shoulder strap adjustable with a removable buckle to set the bag in a right height. The buckle can be removed and set inside the pocket.

Easy bag to get in with his wide top open and inside XL volume


YOKOYA Japan. Breveted Hook Magnetic Lock, keeping the flap securely lock. Drag down the point of the flap to open and lift up!




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