TRAY PURSE No 5 SO (Horse shoe traypurse with strap over)

Louis Cardini


My idea of a minimalist wallet purse, made out of Premium calf Leather/fully goat leather lined.

Why getting a Tray Purse for coins only when you can as well have the flexibility of adding cash, credit cards and receipts for your day to day working life or your weekends

The pictures shows the enormous possibility so as to load your Cash, coins, credit cards and have all in one horse shoe shaped purse.

You can put as much as $20 dollars worth of mixed coins in the coins recess and slide them in the front tray or, if you do not want so many coins, place them in the flap pocket compartment.

You can then set more then 10 credit cards in the tray and the notes under the coin flap pocket

All your valuables can be secured with the outside strap so if you drop it nothing will fall out.


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