WAVERLEY-My Old Favourite. (Multi Functional Classic Purse)

Louis Cardini


 testimonial with pictures 

Mr Cardini,  the 05th December 2017

Approximately 27 - 28 years ago when I was around 16 years old, I jigged school with a classmate and caught the train from the Blue Mountains to the city for a day of adventure. 

On that day, I invested in a spur of the moment and rather extravagant purchase for a teen. 

I bought a purse from the Louis Cardini retail store that was located in the Darling Harbour retail precinct at that time (maybe 1989).

To this day, the purse remains in amazing condition and is in daily use. Her cracks and rough edges tell her years (like us all). Her inner lining is discoloured, but not worn or torn. Her corners crinkle like laughing eyes, but her beauty has not faded. 

She has travelled the world with me, was with me when I met my husband and when we checked our newborn out of the hospital. She had been a constant companion through good time and bad. 

If you need testimony of the quality of workmanship that stands the test of time, this purse surely qualifies. I have no idea what it's design name was, but I'd recommend her to anyone needing a functional purse that is durable and classically crafted. 

Eternally appreciative of your talent


 We are making this classic style again

Front Panel has 3 X 3 credit cards separated stitched panels.

At the back of the front panel and under the first flap you have a open pocket for your cash, with a separated business cards compartment.

At the back compartment you have an open pocket with 2 sides gussets to get a good access for your phone or keys

Further back on the panel lining a good size zipped compartment for your coins

Louis Cardini

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