EMMA. (No, it is not! but it is just a smaller Emilio)

Louis Cardini


                                                                                                                  EMMA Saddletan Classic 

 A classy leather bag made with the best premium classic calf skins from New Zealand Tasman Tanning  and first quality steel fittings from YOKOYA in Japan.
Fully leather lined with a light natural colour of a milled vegetal goat skins. Hand made and  hand finished edges properly sealed.

The belt straps are always worn casually dropping downward not severely set across the flap. One only belt strap fixed to the middle flap turn lock is acceptable.

To open the bag and get a full access, one hand palm flat under the back of the turn lock and the other hand palm inside flat against the zip back lining  pocket then spread open.

To close the bag, with one hand you hold one strap straight holding with your other hand the top front panel corner strap entrance and then at the same time pull in one firm action with your index and thumb in opposite directions.

At the back panel you have a key pouch with a zip compartment

At the front lining panel you have a phone compartment with a pen pocket.

Adjustable and removable shoulder strap.

A bigger EMMA? Please Check for the style: "Emilio or bigger again check Emeraldo” 






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