No 202 SR ID- (SR IS ONE SIDE REVERSED reducing thickness by 15mm) With ID window and 17 credit cards)

Louis Cardini


Long wallet, This has been and still is my best selling purse.  All premium classic leather calf or premium soft leather Napa calf, Genuine Ostrich also available.

No. 200MA (no ID window). No 202ID (with window). No 201SQ    (1 ID and boarding ticket sleeve). No 202ID (with window) No 203 (3 X 8 credit cards).  No 204 (4 X 8 Credit cards)

So versatile and fits so much, including your passport, travel documents.

When you open the purse, on your left panel you have a generous zipped compartment for coins with under a pocket for currency notes.

On the right you have an extra hinged panel with 2 pockets for currency notes, with under it your passport or tickets compartment.
When you open that hinged panel you find with great surprise, on one side a 7 credit card pockets plus a window for your ID or favorite photo (No 201 SQ)  and another 8 credit cards pockets on the other side.
Under each of those credit cards panels you will have a generous currency notes or receipts pocket.
Your credit card panels are secured with a flap over to secure everything which are important to you. 
When you want some coins from your zipped coins compartment, you will never lose anything by rotating your wallet.

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